Mira Gittner

art work / director of photography, editor, actress, sales

Mira Gittner (born 1971 in Munich) began her acting at the age of ten and has since then performed in numerous film and television productions. After finishing her acting school in 1990, she had various engagements at theatres such as the Bavarian State Opera in Munich as acting soloist in La Traviata, with the World Theatre Project in New Delhi or the Theatre Institute in Munich. Since 1998 Mira Gittner is, besides acting, also working as cinematographer and editor. In 2001 she had her debut in directing (besides the cinematography, editing and producing) with the short Call it Love.

In 2003 she was member of the jury at the International Film festival for Children in Cairo.

Mira Gittner was awarded PRODUCER OF THE YEAR 2000 at the Bavarian Film center Geiselgasteig for her acting performance in the psycho thriller The Room, BEST FEMALE ACTOR AWARD 2001 at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and with the SPECIAL AWARD FOR MONTAGE IN FEATURE FILM 2003 at the Panorama International Film Festival in Thessaloniki for her editing of the satirical comedy Pentamagica.

filmography as actress (excerpt):

2019               Roland Rebers Cabaret of Death (cinema, media satire), director: Roland Reber
2017               Taste of Life (cinema, erotic dramedy), director: Roland Reber
2013               Illusion (cinema, drama), director: Roland Reber
2009/10         Angels with dirty wings (cinema, drama), director: Roland Reber
2007               My Dream or Loneliness never walks alone (cinema, tragedy), director: Roland Reber
2006               24/7 The Passion of Life (cinema, erotic drama), director: Roland Reber
2004               Am Rande der Nacht (cinema), director: Christoph Busche
2003               The Dark Side of our inner Space (cinema, thriller), director: Roland Reber
2002/2003      Pentamagica (cinema, comedy), director: Roland Reber
2002               Gone (cinema, drama), director: Zoltan Paul
1999/2001      The room (cinema), director: Roland Reber
2000               Der schwarze Spiegel (TV), director: Rainer Boldt
2000               Fast ein Gentlemen – Tierisch verliebt (TV), director: Dagmar Damek
1999               Eine Hand schmiert die andere (TV), director: Peter Fratzscher
1999               Alle meine Töchter – 4 episodes (TV), director: Wolfgang Hübner
1998               Der Schandfleck (TV), director: Julian R. Pölsler
1985               Die Kathrin wird Soldat – 4 episodes (TV), director: Peter Deutsch
1982               Rote Erde – 4 episodes (TV), director: Klaus Emmerich
1981               Der verkaufte Geburtstag (TV), director: George Moorse


1997 Theater Institut, Das Schloss / München
Und sie legen den Blumen Handschellen an
role: Imis, director: Roland Reber

1997 /98 Theater Institut, Das Schloss / München, Mistero Buffo
role: Death, Blinde, director: Roland Reber

1994 Musikhochschule München, Commedia di Lasso
role: Lucia, director: J. Hinkel

1994 Welt Theater Projekt (WTP) / Unesco, New Delhi / Indien
I thought you had gone as well
role: Mira, director: Roland Reber

1993/94 Bayerische Staatsoper München, La Traviata
role: Alfredos sister, director: G. Krämer

1993 Schauburg München, Der Polenweiher
role: Anna, director: Peer Boysen

1993 Prinzregententheater München, Yerma
role: Maria, director: J. Hinkel

Filmography as editor and cinematographer (excerpt):

2019              Roland Rebers Cabaret of Death (cinema), director: Roland Reber
2018               Naked File (short film), see video
2018               Nun rap (Nonnen Räp), (music clip)  see video
2017                Taste of life (cinema), director: Roland Reber
2013                Illusion (cinema), director: Roland Reber
2011                The truth of lie (cinema), director: Roland Reber
2009                Angels with dirty wings (cinema), director: Roland Reber
2007                My Dream or Loneliness never walks alone (cinema), director: Roland Reber
2005                24/7 The Passion of Life (cinema), director: Roland Reber
2003                The Dark Side of our Inner Space (cinema), director: Roland Reber
2002/2003       Pentamagica (cinema), director: Roland Reber
2002                Are Girls Werewolves ..? (short film), director: R. Reber, M. Gittner
2001                Call it Love (short film), director: Mira Gittner
1999/2001       the room (cinema), director: Roland Reber
2000                Highlights (documentary), director: Mira Gittner

  • March 2003 jury at the International Filmfestival for Children, Cairo / Egypt

Special Award for Montage in Feature Films 2003 for the editing of the satiric comedie Pentamagica
International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers, Thessaloniki, Greece

Best Female Actor Award 2001 for the lead role „Sophie“, in the internationally awarded feature film das zimmer – the room Melbourne Underground International Filmfestival, Australien

Special Mention by the Jury 2001 for the short film dann nenn es halt Liebe – call it love
director, cinematography, editing and co-production
2001 AFF Alternativa International Filmfestival, Picciano, Italy

Producer of the year 2000
for her acting performance in das zimmer – the room and the Doku-Portrait Highlights Get Together 2000, Bavarian Filmcentre Geiselgasteig, Munich, Germany. „..with Highlights Get Together Mira Gittner has shown once again, that artistic creativity and professional use of camera and editing can lead to outstanding and emotional moving results…”

“Talent & the self”. (Statesman, entire article)

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