a short film by Roland Reber
Germany 1999, experimental comedy, 4 min

a Bavarian comedy about the dream of two young women to come to television.

with Mira Gittner, Claire Plaut. camera: Mira Gittner, Roland Reber.
editing: Mira Gittner. music: Wolfgang Edelmayer. producer:  Roland Reber, Ute Meisenheimer
script and direction: Roland Reber. production, sales & distribution: wtp international GmbH

2001 hollywood angelciti international film festival
2001 Melbourne Underground International Film Festival, Australia
2001 chicago angelciti international film festival, Chicago
2001 Ajijic Festival Internacional de Cine, Mexico
2001 International Film Festival of Kerala, India
2001 IndieKino International Film Festival, Seoul, Korea
2001 Reykjavik International Film Festival, Iceland
2001 FIFAP International Film Festival, Paris
2001 International Film Festival of Uruguay, Montevideo