call it love
a short film by Mira Gittner
Germany 2001, drama, 13 min

2002 BEST FEMALE ACTOR AWARD to Marina Anna Eich
Night of Bavarian Shorts, AFM American Film Market

since 29th of september 2006 available on DVD (a part of the extras of the DVD 24/7 The Passion of Life)

„When we can’t find the words for what we lost, we call it love…“

with Roland Reber (man), Marina Anna Eich (callgirl)
camera and editing: Mira Gittner. music: Wolfgang Edelmayer.
producer: Roland Reber, Mira Gittner
script: Roland Reber, Marina Anna Eich. director: Mira Gittner.
production, sales & distribution: wtp international GmbH

“When we can’t find the words for what we lost, we call it love…“

This film explores an older man’s obsession in finding love by ordering callgirls. Through rituals, created by himself, he tries to surmount his past. In a cold reality he builds up a small world of protected illusion. Then he meets „her“ and his rituals don’t work anymore because they develop real feelings for each other He gives this callgirl his last call…

A film about lost emotions and the futile hunt for them. This film is an evocative combination of poetry, music and images. It makes one think about one’s own definition of love..


A conversation was responsible for the idea to this short film. A producer colleague from wtp told them about his 8 minutes short film. It took him 1 1/2 years to finish it with around 80.000 € budget. He mentioned the different financial subsidies he needed: script development subsidy, project development subsidy and production subsidy. “This surely is possible in a quicker and cheaper way”, Roland Reber says. The idea was born. Roland Reber and Marina Anna Eich wrote the script within one morning and performed the two characters. The shooting was done the following weekend. Editing and doing the English subtitles took another week. The whole crew including the actors consists of 4 people. The total expenses (Catering and travel costs to the location) were around 95 € for the entire 13 minutes short film which was invited to various national and internationa film festivals. Marina Anna Eich was acclaimed the BEST FEMALE ACTOR AWARD 2001 at the Festival Night of Bavarian Shorts, AFM American Film Market in Los Angeles.


man                                                 Roland Reber
callgirl                                             Marina Anna Eich


director                                            Mira Gittner
script                                                Roland Reber, Marina Anna Eich
music                                               Wolfgang Edelmayer
camera and editing                       Mira Gittner
producer                                         Roland Reber, Mira Gittner

production, sales & distribution: wtp international GmbH

2002 BEST FEMALE ACTOR AWARD to Marina Anna Eich
Night of Bavarian Shorts, AFM American Film Market

Memorable Mention Award
2001 Panorama of Independent Filmmakers, Thessaloniki, Greece

Special Mention by the Jury
2001 AFF Alternativa International Filmfestival, Picciano, Italy

2002 abgedreht, Sulzbach, Germany
2001 hollywood angelciti international filmfestival
2001 Melbourne Underground International Filmfestival, Australia
2001 chicago angelciti international filmfestival, USA
2001 Ajijic Festival Internacional de Cine, Mexico
2001 International Film Festival of Kerala, India
2001 IndieKino International Filmfestival, Seoul, Korea
2001 Reykjavik International Filmfestival, Iceland
2001 FIFAP International Filmfestival, Paris
2001 XIX International Filmfestival of Uruguay, Montevideo

SHORTFILM – Call it love


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