Agnes Thi-Mai


Agnes Thi-Mai gathered her first stage experiences at the School theater, choir and School band. With 17 she completed her training ath the Munich Acting School Ali Wunsch König followed by some short films and various theater projects. Her first experience as director’s assistant she gained at the Pasinger Fabrik in Munich and worked part-time as touring guide in the Bavarian Filmstudios. She moved to Berlin in 2012 and played her first role in an international successful movie. Moreover she played electric guitar and bass in various bands and by now appears on stage with an own repertoire in and around Berlin.

Her first collaboration with Roland Reber and the team of wtp international was for TASTE OF LIFE (2017, role: Monika).


 How did you get to know wtp?

When I was at the Cannes Film Festival back in 2009 to present a short film, everyone was talking about the film ANGELS WITH DIRTY WINGS. Since then I’m a fan of wtp.

Tell us something about your character MONIKA. Are there any parallels to your personal life?

My character is called MONIKA and she is only able to feel lust and sexuality through physical pain. She is only focused on pain, this obsession determines her life. If a man can’t whip her like she wants him to she replaces him. Men are pure objects to her and just meant to bring her personal satisfaction. I find this fact very exciting. The character doesn’t have much to do with me as a private person, privately I’m more an attached and cuddly person trying to avoid pain as much as I can.