Eisi Gulp Porträt
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Eisi Gulp

comedian and actor

Eisi Gulp is known to many people for his role as Father Eberhofer in the film adaptions based on the novels of Rita Falk (“Eberhofer” crime novels, e.g. Sauerkrautkoma, Die Griesnockerlaffäre…)

Since 1980 he is on numerous stages with his Comedy and Cabaret Programs.

In 1985 he played the male lead in the movie “Zuckerbaby” by director Percy Adlon.

With his current comedy show “Hackedicht” (completely sloshed) Eisi Gulp supports drug prevention in the youth work. The program was staged in many schools and was rated “pädagogisch wertvoll” (educationally valuable).

Eisi Gulp was born in Munich in 1955.

Roland Rebers Cabaret of Death (role: corpse driver) was his first work with director Roland Reber and the wtp team.


excerpt film

  • 2019 Roland Rebers Cabaret of Death, R: Roland Reber,  cinema
  • 2019 Oktoberfest, R: Hannu Salonen,  BR/ARD
  • 2019 Kaiserschmarrndrama, R: Ed Herzog, cinema
  • 2018 Leberkäsjunkie, R:Ed Herzog, cinema
  • 2013 Die reichen Leichen, R: Dominik Graf, BR/ARD
  • 2016 Willkommen bei den Hartmanns, R: Simon Verhoeven, cinema
  • 2007 Der Räuber Kneissl, R: Markus H. Rosenmüller, cinema
  • 2005 München 7, R: Franz Xaver Bogner, BR
  • 1985 Im innern des Wals, R: Doris Dörrie, BR/ARD
  • 1985 Zuckerbaby, R: Percy Adlon, BR/ARD

and many more.