Christoph Baumann


Christoph Baumann graduated at the private acting school Ruth von Zerboni in Munich in 1999 and achieved the national stage maturity. Since then he performed in many short and feature films and theatre and TV productions

In the year 2000 he founded the CHR film production and is an independent producer, director and actor.

For the bummfilm GmbH he co-directed several episodes of TOLLE SACHEN a show for children which was awarded the Grimme Preis, and worked as an actor and director for more than 60 episodes of the comedy show JOIN THE CLUB by Tommy Krappweis. He directed several industrials (including the Audi Forum Ingolstadt and the Planet Hollywood Restaurant in Munich) and TV inserts, e.g. for the Pro 7 series BROKEN COMEDY. In 2008 he successfully directed his first short film TÖDLICHER ZWEIFEL/ LETHAL DOUBT, starring Walther Hess and Sibylle Canonica. The film had its world premiere at the Biberach Film Festival and was awarded the platinum award at the 42. World Fest Houston. His short film AMOK, accomplished in 2011, was awarded the rating “valuable” by the film rating institution Wiesbaden and premiered at the 45. Hof International Film Festival 2011. He also worked on the movie YOLO and a documentary of the HFF Munich ( SELBSTSTELLER) as a producer.

So far he was part of 4 wtp films:

2003 The dark Space of our inner Space, director: Roland Reber, role: Marcus
2005 24/7 The Passion of Life, director: Roland Reber, role: Dominik
2011 The truth of lie, director: Roland Reber, role: the writer
2013 Illusion, director: Roland Reber, role: Christian