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Christian Buse


After graduating at the university in romance philology, he graduated as an actor at the acting school Theater im Westend in Munich.

Afterwards he performed in many TV series and movies, e.g. SOKO 5113, Egal auf welcher Seite, Noch Zweifel Herr Verteidiger, Schwurgericht, Ein unmöglicher Mann und Bei aller Liebe.

In the daily soap opera Marienhof he performed the role of the business man Thorsten Fechner from 1998 until the end of the show in 2011. In 2011 Christian Buse was nominated for the German Soap Award – Meanest Villain. Since 2017 Christian Buse performs the role of the priest Vinzenz Rimpel in the ARD-Series Sturm der Liebe.

2018 he also performed in the TV series Der Pass, in 2019 in the TV movie Club der einsamen Herzen.

Christian Buse worked already with Roland Reber and Mira Gittner in the end of the 90s in a theater play.