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„…Unicum in the German cinema landscape…“ (Süddeutsche Zeitung)


„Films from  wtp international are sensual and philosophical, abstract and precise, on the one hand fascinating, on the other hand almost crackbrained.“ (filmstarts.de)


„wtp films with the collective dedication of its team have become an unmistakable trade mark.“ (Blickpunkt:Film)


“The films of Roland Reber and his small committed team are discoveries of an independent cinema which are rare in the international film community.”

(Feuilleton, Süddeutsche Zeitung)


„wtp is sort of a Gallic village of the unbending ones in the middle of the film industry empire.” (Passauer Neue Presse, 2014)


“Roland Reber and his team wtp international are famous for their difference. They are actually the splinter in the foot of German cinema.” (Festival International du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal/Canada, Julien Fonfrède - Programming Director)


wtp international produces features and shorts for cinema and television with focus on artistical creativity. As a world wide forum for artists, innovative techniques and extraordinary ideas, wtp international GmbH was founded in 2001 with the film-production team of wtp and now includes filmproduction, sales, distribution and dvd-label. Besides the feature film productions which received attention and awards on international film festivals, wtp international also works in the field of commercial and industrial film.    

What is special about wtp international is the uncompromising dedication to film, which binds together the production team since 8 feature film productions, as well as the production method - screenplay, production, editing, distribution and press relations are all out of one team - and the consequent refusal of public funding, in order to preserve creative freedom.

In November 2009 six of his feature films have been shown as a Roland Reber TRIBUTE at the renowned 40th International Filmfestival of India, Goa (IFFI).

With the feature film 24 / 7 THE PASSION OF LIFE, which had its German Premiere at the Hof International Film Festival 2005, wtp international ventured into the German and Austrian cinema market as a distributor in February 2006.   

With the feature MY DREAM OR LONELINESS NEVER WALKS ALONE / MEIN TRAUM ODER DIE EINSAMKEIT IST NIE ALLEIN wtp international finally ventured into the German-speaking DVD market as DVD-label in November 2008. The company distributes high quality arthouse films from Germany and abroad. The Belgian film S&M JUDGE, a touching drama, was their first international film distributed in the German speaking territories (release April 2014)    

Since its theatrical release 24 / 7 THE PASSION OF LIFE advanced to a CULT FILM and has been shown for more than 5 years every year in the German Cinemas on 24th of July (international BDSM day). It has been broadcasted at the cultural station ARTE in November 2011.


The filmography includes among others:

The Bag/Der Koffer (short/drama, 1999), Play Destiny/Spiele Schicksal (short/drama 2000), Are Girls Werewolves …?/Sind Mädchen Werwölfe …? (short/comedy, 2002), Call it Love/dann nenn es halt Liebe (short/drama 2001), The Room/Das Zimmer (feature/psycho-thriller, 2001 - 6 international Awards), Pentamagica (feature/comedy, 2003), The Dark Side of our Inner Space (feature/thriller, 2003), 24 / 7 The Passion of Life (feature/erotic-drama, 2005), My Dream or Loneliness never walks alone/Mein Traum oder Die Einsamkeit ist nie allein (feature/dramedy, 2007), Angels with dirty wings/Engel mit schmutzigen Flügeln (erotic-drama 2009), The truth of lie / Die Wahrheit der Lüge (psychodrama 2011), Illusion (drama 2013), Taste of Life (2017) as well as Industrials.

features of wtp





more films in distribution of wtp international

Wasser und Seife
Heute weiss es jeder
SM Richter

headwords of the films

  • taboo breaking
  • double moral standards
  • sexuality
  • passion
  • obsession
  • striptease bar
  • table dance bar
  • society
  • behavioral norms
  • compulsion
  • constraint
  • enforcement
  • borders
  • absurdity
  • insight
  • awareness
  • knowledge
  • realisation